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People have definitely become quite interested in lotteries, since they are able to promise a chance of huge amounts of cash to be able to change the life of a person. Well, if you are in California, then the Superlotto Plus is a type of lottery which you can participate in the state.

It is really easy for you to learn how you can win this game. All that you should do is to choose five digits from one to 47. If you have decided or chosen the five numbers, then what you must do next is to give the pay slip to the retailer for them to have your ticket printed. For every set of five numbers, it would just cost a dollar for each draw. However, there is also such option of choosing an advance play option in which you may play for the same numbers for 20 draws. With this, you can save time and energy since you don’t need to wait in line just for you to get one ticket for the day’s draw.

Ensure that your chosen numbers are printed on the ticket clearly and correctly and this is what you must check before you would leave the outlet. When you have confirmed these steps, then you should then sign the back of the ticket in order to give this security and prevent such from falling into another person’s hands and claim this to be their own in the event that you have winning numbers. The draw of the Superlotto Plus is actually done at night at 7:57 on Wednesdays and Saturdays each week.

If you have that winning number combination and you are able to win the pot, then you should know that there are a couple of options to claim the prize. When you would claim in the prize in lump sum, then you may also opt for this and the other would be to be paid in 26 graduated payments each year. When you choose to get the lump sum cash value, then this is actually just around 45% to 55% of the pot and that amount which you will be getting is going to be reduced with US Federal tax which is 30% for non-residents and 25% for US citizens.

But, when you would go for the graduated annual payments, then such is also subjected to US federal tax but such is based annually and you must understand that the rates differ each year. There can also be no taxes due for those lottery winnings but a great benefit of opting for the long-term payout is that you may have the chance to handle your financial plans when you get the payments and such means that you may have a better financial security.

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