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Things You Should Know Regarding Concrete Scanning and Ground Penetrating Technology

What is in the concreted sometimes need to be known without demolishing the structure. There are only two options for you if you want to do that job. Ground penetrating radar or GPR and concrete scanning are the two options you can use to see what is located in the concrete. The most popular choice that is used by many is ground penetrating radar. Advantages are offered by both methods even if one of them is not popular like the other one. Choosing those two methods to see what is in the concrete mostly depends on your specific needs. If you are planning to renovate or repair the structure made with concrete, you should choose concrete scanning to trace the rebar or post tension cables. You could cause other complications if you core or cut through concrete floors, walls, or locating lines.

The area, where you would like to locate what is inside the concrete structure using the concrete scanning method, has to be evacuated first. If the area where the technician will work on is evacuated first, those who work there will be protected. A lot of people prefer to select ground penetrating radar technology because it is a bit more efficient, quick, and completely safe process. If you want to scan your floor or wall, you should use this method because post tension cables, pipelines, and other items located there can be detected. You can adjust the images of ground penetrating radar if you want to inspect structures such as bridges, towers, tunnels, and other surfaces. Such a process will be easy if only the concrete thickness of such walls is not greater than eighteen inches.

You should use ground penetrating radar if you want to map or locate items in concrete. You can create a detailed report that point or identify anomalies and depth if you scan a concrete structure using the process. What makes concrete scanning better than the ground penetrating equipment is that it has a computed topography, fluoroscopy, and even radiotherapy. You will notice that the images of concrete scanning have a higher resolution if you compare the images of both processes. You should use concrete scanning processes if you want to identify smaller wall structures because it has a higher image resolution.

If you want to scan your concrete structure and do not know the process that would work better, price is the one you should check. A lot of people do not choose concrete scanning X-ray processes because they are a bit expensive than the ground penetrating radar technology. Because of the most recent technology improvements, easier processing and manipulation are allowed by ground penetrating radar technology. GPR technology can work in many locations except in high moisture conditions.

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