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Anal warts are a form of genital warts that appear in the rectal and anal area and are transmitted via sexual contact. It is one of the most commonly found venereal disease, which makes one quite uncomfortable, and carries such a huge social stigma. The moment you notice warts in your genital area, you need to seek the best anal warts treatment to clear up the growths and ensure they do not recur in the future.

Just like all other forms of warts, genital warts come about as a result of the action of a strain of HPV, also referred to as the human papillomavirus. Anal warts are highly contagious and get transmitted easily between sexual partners. The virus shall lodge in the outer layers of skin cells and cause them to reproduce at an abnormal rate, thus giving rise to those growths we see as warts.

You can be certain of not getting infected with the HPV virus by abstaining from any kind of sexual activity that involves a partner. Since it is hard for some people to abstain from that level, then the use of protection is the next best thing. Condoms, for example, are effective but do not necessarily provide absolute protection. You, therefore, need to limit then the number of sexual partners you have to minimize the odds of you getting infected by this virus and other types of sexual diseases.

If you are unfortunate enough to get infected, you will notice their growth in the area. There are medical options for you to take to cure the disease. The problem is most of them will clear those warts up but only temporarily. You are likely to see them growing back if nothing else is done. There is also the problem of some of the topical medications being too harsh on the skin in that region, making you feel even more uncomfortable, and leaving scars once they clear warts. If you pick the milder over the counter medication for treating the common skin warts, they will not be effective in clearing genital warts. You cannot, therefore, rely on them to work in that area.

The best approach in such a case is to seek the medical intervention of an expert in the field. There are many solutions doctors may recommend, but in this case, it is best to let an expert handle your treatment. Depending on the size and the appearance of warts, as well as the cost of the treatments involved, and what you give as your preference, they will be able to come up with a comprehensive treatment plan. Seeing as they are dealing with a viral infection, it is hard to get rid of them completely. A visual inspection of the area, both external and internal, with the appropriate tools will reveal the extent of the infection. They can then apply the right cocktail of medication to help get rid of warts.

In most cases, there will be the use of topical creams to remove them. In others, they may have to freeze them off, thus killing them, before removing them. Surgical removal may also be necessary, depending on the extent of their growth.

Keep in mind that if left unresolved, there is a chance, however slim, that they may become cancerous. It is, therefore, best to deal with them at an early stage. You can check out this site for the best treatment plan.

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